"These are sooo wonder! I use them before and after my massage healing sessions and my clients love the gentle fragrance and feel to my skin!" - Luana Joya Lucia, Santi Sacred Sedona Healing Arts 

"I absolutely love the soap. It is smells fantastic and is so moisturizing. My skin is dry and often my hands crack due to frequent washing and dryness. I have purchased so many lotions trying to resolve this all to no avail. This soap seems to be the answer! I’m so excited to try additional Sedona Soap Box products." - T. Lorson, Arizona

"I bought some soap as a gift for a friend and saved one for myself. I LOVE this soap and now use it every single day in my shower! The Sunkissed Soul Mist is so refreshing and makes my house and car smell amazing and it's good to know it is chemical free." -  I. Donovan, Pennsylvania